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Whether is a simple project or a more complex one, we developed a process structure to make sure that we deliver the results according to your needs and requirements. Our main target is to make you reach your online goals and expectations. Just see below how are we going to do this.

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Identify needs

The way to a successful project starts by paying close attention to your requirements, understanding your business and your market niche, your targeted customers and their behaviours. Therefore we're eager to identify your needs so we can easily go to the next step of creating a clear and successful project strategy.


Create Strategy

A good Web strategy works with your business strategy to create a website that meets your business goals. Once you've started building a Web presence, you want to think about how your website can improve your business. Strategy includes community, personalization, your content, ecommerce, even your intranets.


Modern Design

So much is possible these days in web design with CSS3, jQuery 2.0, etc, which is why so many websites include animated imagery. We will design a website with all of the bells and whistles and it can still be mobile-friendly, most of the time. Our designs still tend to be the ones that have a clean, modern look to them.



This is where we start to actually make the web pages of the site. We will use all the graphic elements from the approved mock design, and put them into functional web pages. Usually, a designer would first work on the home page of the site, after which a basic shell is created for the inner pages. Our developer will guide you through the process.


Full Control

At this stage we will show the final design and content to the client. Communication needs to be open, and a healthy work relationship is crucial to both parties if they are to walk away from the project with a sense of accomplishment. When communication is substandard, the end result is substandard, period!


Final Testings

This is the final stage of the development process. We need to quality check the site end to end, test out the complete functionality of the site, all forms included, as well as last minute compatibility issues on different browsers. A good designer keeps himself abreast with current design standards and all technologies incorporated into the site.

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